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The Interesting Things to Know about Jack Russell Terriers


If you are looking for a worthy pet dog then you can really put your fingers on Jack Russell Terriors. This is one of the most obedient species you can have on earth. This is a fierce dog category and they were basically used for hunting or they are also apt for chasing the foxes. Once you can know about the species you would really fall in love with the variety. The Terriors have been hunter’s friend for years and this leaves no doubt that the dog is really good at it. So let us collect details on the species.

Physical Traits of Russell

The Dogs are white in color and they have occasional black patches here and there. The best dog food for Jack Russsels and their high energy lifestyle varies but should be focused on high fat content and low carbs.

  • The authentic variety of the dog has a black patch along the lower end of the tail.
  • The first man who started breeding the dogs happened in the year 1800 and from then onwards this dog is popular as an animal with a mark on the tail.

Other Traits of the Dogs

The Jack Russell Terriers are energetic species and this is the reason the dogs should be made to do regular exercise. The creature needs lots of activities and thus you must take the dog for a regular walk and provide the creature with lots of options to work out.

  • The dogs must have enough recreation options in order to stay active and occupied
  • The dog should be kept engaged with something or the other
  • Boredom or lack of activity can encourage the dog to do something destructive and thus it is important for you to think of ways to utilize the energy of the dog in positive ways

Happy dog


Teach the Dog the Right Behavior

This dog loves to be pampered and it has an inherited wildness which needs to be streamlined in the right manner. The dog has an aggressive nature and can unnecessarily harass people and thus the creature should be taught how best to behave with people.

  • The dog must be taught how to obey other
  • It must know how to respect the owner and follow his orders accurately
  • The dog must be taught how to be civilized and behave rightly with kids and children. It is not that they are intentionally wild but they do not have enough control on their animal i instincts.

The Affiliation towards the Family

The Jack Russell Terriers are very close to the family they belong to. They can do anything to protect the life of the family members. There can be no doubt regarding the loyalty factor of the dogs.

  • The Russell Terriers hates strangers. Just a sight of an intruder can make the dog go mad and it starts attacking wildly.
  • The dogs are extremely intelligent and thus they can be trained quite easily
  • The dogs can well follow instructions and they have a good mind to abide by the directions given by their masters
  • Jack Russel Terriers should have some type of physical fence system or an invisible dog fence to give them the means to release their energy.

The Origin of the Dogs

The Jack Russell Terriers have a golden history and they are named after Parson Jack Russell who discovered the species between the years 1850 to 1870.

  • The Dogs are said to belong to the heritage of the AKC-registered Wire-haired Fox Terrier.
  • The dogs are extremely bold and they can easily run after the prey with lots of vigor and energy.
  • These dogs are mainly known as fox hunting.
  • They are extremely white and thus you can easily see then move swiftly among the bushes

The General Attitude of a the Dog

If you can closely watch the dogs you can find many of the distinct traits which sets them apart from the other pet varieties.

  • The Russell Terriers are dynamic and alert and thus they never miss on an opportunity of hunting
  • These are extremely confident animals and they can really strive to hit the target at the right spot.
  • The animal is absolutely without fear and thus they can take up challenges unknowingly
  • The species of hunting dogs are extreme fun lovers
  • They can get along really well still they are not the best pets for all dog lovers.


An Asset for the Horse Owners

For those who have horses and barns they can well keep Jack Russell Terriors for the proper management of the animals.

These dogs have a strong empathy towards the horses. They have that inclination to save the innocent animals from the wild creatures.

These dogs are apt for rural areas

They prefer to move around the horses and chase small animals like rats, mice, wood ducks and other creatures.

Talking about the Health of the Dog

It is a known fact that Jack Russell Terriers are quite healthy and they are tough enough to spend a disease free life. Most of them are known to live between 13 to 16 years. However, they are in need of proper care and rearing.

  • However, the dogs have some common health concerns and these generally occur due to recessive genes.
  • The other health issues of the dogs include cataracts, congenital deafness, ataxia, Legg–Calvé–Perthes syndrome, ectopia lentis, patellar luxation, von Willebrand disease and myasthenia gravis.
  • However, these are treatable diseases and can be aptly taken care by a veterinary.

To Describe the Dog Well

There are several ways you can describe the Jack Russell Terriors. The dogs are sturdily built and they are up on their toes on the time.

  • The length of the dog is quite proportional to the dog’s height
  • The dog comes with a compact and well balanced stature
  • They come with flat skulls, wide ears and small narrowing eyes.
  • They have a well boned and strong jaw. This is very important for any fighter or hunting dog to have.
  • They have a relatively small chest well placed in the middle of the shoulders

How to Select the Best Jack Russell Terriers

Making the right selection of the dog is very important. However, before you select to have this particular dog variety it is important that you arrange for a suitable breeder. You can easily locate a breeder online or you can even look for one in the nearby dog show. If you can find a Terrier performing in the show you can really look for a professional breeder nearby.

Before you choose a terrier it is important that you talk to trainer or with an expert who knows the best about the dogs.

Do not make haste in making the selection. Observe the pup well and then decide for a suitable purchase.

You can even make the breeder sit before and answer all your queries and this in turn will leave no doubt about the variety you are buying.

Overview of Jack Russell Terriers

This is a very tough and sturdy breed. It is not more than 15 to 18 pounds. The height of the dog is between 10 to 15 inches. This double coated dog has three main varieties of rough, broken or smooth. The top most coat of the dog is of different length. In some parts of the body you can find long hairs growing and this make the dog appear immensely interesting. The dogs prefer to go for long walks and they need jogging and other essential exercises to stay fit and redirect their energy.

They Make the Owners Proud

The Jack Russell Terriers are great favorites of their masters. Their owners have so much to say in praise of the pet. Hunters describe them as intrepid and tremendously nimble. The dogs have a sort of jovial personality and this brings them so close to the owners. They love merrymaking and they just love to play with toys. Their extra playful nature helps them to come out of the usual image and you can even notice them in popular media platforms like television, magazines, internet and the like.

The Heroic Deeds of Jack Russell Terriers

There was once a dog named George and he belonged to the family of the Russell Terriors. He once saved the lives of five children from the sudden attack of two pit bulls. The dog has charged the animals and has driven them away with immense fierceness. George sustained deep injury in the process and for his valor he has been awarded with the pet bravery, the PDSA Gold Medal. This is really a very dignified title and with this the dog has been better recognized by most admirers.

How can you resist such a cute face?

To End With

At the end you have so much to say in praise of the dog. If you ever find an HMV product you would find Jack Russell Terrier sitting before a gramophone. This is a sign of loyalty and you would love to see the dog paying good ears to the musical element just to give ears to the voice of his master. This proves the faithfulness and the devotion of the dog. He has a class of his own. Valiant, dynamic and devoted – these are the three best words to describe the nature of the dog in a nut shell. In fact, you do not have more than to appreciate this dog type.

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